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How to Decide if You Should Buy a Color or Black Copy Machine for Your Baltimore Business

January 23, 2012 2 comments

Once you have decided to buy or lease a new copier one of the first decisions you have to make is if you are going to buy a black or color machine.

One one hand the color machines today produce stunning color and clarity, on the other hand they do cost more in the initial cost of the equipment as well as the long term cost of color toner…..well, maybe.

In today’s tough business environment every dollar counts so here is a great question to ask yourself to help you decide whether you should purchase a color or black machine.

Do you currently print color documents on a desktop inkjet or laser color printer  like a Brother,  HP or Lexmark?

If you currently print color documents on a desktop printer this may be an indication that you should go with a color machine.

The toner cost on a desktop color printer is very expensive per print compared to what you would pay for a print from a copier/multi-function device. Typically a color print from a desktop printer can run you anywhere between 14 cents to 25 cents PER PRINT!

At my company here in Baltimore Maryland we sell Toshiba, Lexmark, and HP machines. An average cost per color print for our muti-function devices is between 6 cents and 9 cents per print.

As you can see if you are printing a lot of color pages now with a desktop printer this can really add up to a lot of savings, especially if you look at it over a year or 5 years.

Example: Lets say you currently print  500 color pages per month on your desktop. At 20 cents per page you are looking at $100.00 per month in toner costs.

If you were to purchase a multi-function device you would be paying around 6 cents per print for a total of $30.00.

That’s a difference of $70 per month or $840.00 per year or $4,200.00 over 5 years.

Over time the copier will pay for itself in the cost of color toner alone.

Not to mention the cost savings on black toner and not having to print out faxes (more on this in another post).

This example is based on 500 pages per month which is acutally a very conservative number. Most of my clients, even very small businesses, print far more than 500 color pages per month.

If you do the math on 2,000 color pages per month (not unusual) you would save $2,800.00 per month, $3,360.00 per year, $16,800.00 in 5 years.

This can add up to BIG money.

If you print any kind of color marketing materials in house now with a desktop machine you are almost guaranteed to save money with a color copier/MFD.

The bottom line is before you decide to purchase a color or black machine be sure to do the math on your current color volumes and see what makes sense for you.

If you would like a free cost analysis like the one above please contact me, Ed Worthington at 443-570-0414 or