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3 Ways to Save Your Medical Office Time and Money Using Document Management Technology

Let’s face it, healthcare costs are skyrocketing and nobody knows how high they’ll go. That’s why it’s important than ever that your medical office is being as efficient as possible when it comes to managing your patient files and other important documents.

Advances in document management technology have made it easier than ever to save time and money reducing costs and increasing office efficiency.

Here are 3 ways that using the latest document management technology can helps:

1)      Saves money on toner and paper costs

Today’s document management technology dramatically reduces the amount of paper and toner used because many documents no longer need to be printed and stored in a paper file. The ability to store patient files and other documents electronically means less print-outs, less physical space needed to store files, and easier access to files.

2)      Saves money by consolidating multiple devices into one device

Most medical offices today have multiple printers as well as separate scanners, copiers, and fax machines. When you add up the cost of all of these devices it can get pretty expensive. By consolidating all of your devices into one multi-function device like a Toshiba e-Studio you can save considerable dollars for your practice.

3)      Saves time by increasing office staff efficiency

Several document management technologies can save your staff considerable time when performing manual, rote, and routine tasks.

One such technology is Optical Character Recognition software. This software allows your office staff to scan hard copy documents directly into a copier/multi-functions device which are then converted directly into editable and searchable formats like Microsoft Word or Excel documents or PDF’s.

Here at Action Business Systems-Toshiba we offer a software solution created by Toshiba called Re-Rite. Our software allows you to do the tasks mentioned above as well as convert incoming faxes in to editable formats and much more. The uses of Re-Rite are endless and we can customize them for your practice to save you time and money.

If you would like more information on the latest document management products and services contact Ed Worthington at 443-570-0414.

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