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How to Prevent Copier Jams: Part 1

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Summertime is here and you know what that means!!!

Warm days, an awesome new tan, hanging out at the beach or pool with friends and best of all….copier jams.

OK maybe copier jams aren’t fun and for some of you copier jams may be a huge cause of frustration during your work day. Have you ever noticed that you have more copier jams (also know as copier misfeeds) in the summer months than in at other times during the year?

The main reason for this may be the way that you store your copier paper. In the summer time humidity, especially here in Baltimore, Maryland where I’m located, can be very high.

If your copier paper is stored in a place that is susceptible to humidity like a closet or warehouse space than this may very well be the reason you’re having jams.

The fibers of the copier paper absorb the humidity (water) from the air and the paper becomes a bit more slippery. The way that copiers feed paper through the machine is with small rollers. If the paper becomes moist and slippery the rollers can slip thus causing a jam.

The other problem with moist paper is that it can start to curl at the edges. This will also cause jams. So when storing your copier paper keep it stored in a dry place and keep it off the ground if at all possible.

Place it on a shelf or even on top of some type of pallet. If you’re having trouble finding a dry spot in your office consider buying a small dehumidifier and placing it in the same room where you’ll be storing the paper. I’ll have more tips on how to prevent copier jams coming so subscribe to the blog and come back often.

If you have a copier related question please submit it in the easy form below and I’ll answer your question and maybe write a post on the topic.

If you’re in the Baltimore/DC Metropolitan area and are considering purchasing a new copier, printer, scanner. shredder, postage or mailing equipment please let me know. I’ll provide you with a fair, no BS proposal from our line of quality products from Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Lexmark and HP.

You can reach me at 443-570-0414 or edworthington@outlook.com

Have a great and FUN summer!!

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