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Finally, A Copier That Uses Erasable Toner. Use the Same Piece of Paper 5 Times!


Toshiba has just announced a new copier that uses an erasable toner.

The Toshiba e-Studio 306LP can use same piece of paper up to 5 times!

Image the cost savings and reduced environmental impact for your company.

If you are interested in this revolutionary copier contact me by phone, email or by filling out the simple form below.

You can take a look at the brochure below.

Ed Worthington     443-570-0414

Brochure_Toshiba 306LP RD30

How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Copier?

“How much does it cost to lease a copier?” It’s one of those questions I get all the time and it seems like a simple question but it’s not.

The reason it’s not that simple is because just like when you buy a new car there are many different makes and models and additional options and accessories to choose from.

Things that effect the copier price are:

  • the speed of the copier
  • whether it’s a color copier or a black only copier
  • additional copier accessories like a stapling, sorting finisher, a booklet making finisher, faxing capabilities, additional paper drawers

Once you decide the copier speed, whether it’s a color or black copier and the accessories you’ll need to decide the length of the copier lease in terms of months/years.

99% of my customers have either a 36 month (3 year) or 60 month (5 year) lease however I do have a few with 48 month leases.

Obviously the term you choose is up to you. A 60 month lease will give you a lower monthly copier lease payment but you will pay more interest and fees on the copier than if you chose a shorter lease term.

Once you have chosen the copier speed, color, accessories and lease term your all set to make an educated, well informed decision about which copier you want.

So by now your probably saying, “that’s great Ed but when are you going to tell me how much it costs to lease a copier?’.

Well, here you go.

Most copier leases range anywhere from $50.00 per month all the way up to $500.00 or  per month for 1 standard office copier. This excludes light production and production machines that are over 85 pages per minute.

A good rule of thumb for me is that the lease should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $22.00-$30.00 per month, per one thousand dollars of the total cost of the copier.

For example if your new copier is $10,000.00 it should cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $200.00-$300.00 per month.

The reason I have given a range here is that the monthly copier lease investment depends on the length of the lease.

So the payment on a 36 month lease will be higher than the payment on a 60 month lease.

A 60 month lease is less because you are stretching the cost of the copier out over more months than a 36 month lease.

Keep in mind that the lease payment is based on the total dollar value of the copier you’ve selected.

Also keep in mind that the numbers I just gave you are for the copier only.

These number do not include the copier maintenance contract / copier service contract.

I hope this is helpful.

As always thanks for stopping by today and feel free to send me your questions or comments. You can use the form below or send me an email to

If you’d like to receive of free copy of my Copier Buying Guide titled, The Ultimate Copier Buying Guide, How to Get the Best Deal on a New Copier.

This Copier Buying Guide will give you The  Inside Information You Need to Make Sure You’re Not Getting Ripped Off and You’re Getting the Right Copier for Your Business. Just ask for the Ultimate Copier Buying Guide in the form below or in your email.

How to Buy A Copier

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

After many months of writing and editing I have finally finished my new book, How to Buy a Copier- A Step by Step Guide to Copier Leases, Copier Service Contracts and Just About Everything Else You Need to Know To Get The Right Copier at the Best Possible Price.

I know the title is long but I wanted it to communicate exactly what this book is. This book is THE definitive copier buying guide for anyone who is now or will ever buy a copier for their business or practice.

Although my company Action Business Systems-Toshiba Copiers is located in the Maryland and service the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas this copier buying guide can help you no matter what part of the country or world your in.

To receive a FREE copy just fill out the form below.

Are you overlooking a major source of cost savings and increased profits in your health care practice?

September 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Most health care practices don’t know what it actually costs them to copy, print, and fax documents, and are overlooking a major source of cost savings and increased profits. They may know what they paid for the hardware, and they may know what they pay for service and supplies, but most don’t know which of their machines is the least expensive to operate.

For example, inkjet printers are extremely expensive to operate, laser printers are less expensive than inkjet printers, and copiers are the least expensive machines to print from. The catch is that all 3 types of machines do basically the same job.

We’ve helped many companies like the University of Maryland Healthcare System, MedStar Health as well as thousands of small practices like yours find a virtual goldmine in their printing, copying, and faxing budgets with our FREE Document Cost Analysis.

Here’s a real life example. I was recently able to save a small practice in Baltimore $457.00 per month on their printing and copying costs. And this is not an unusual story. Many practices are simply unaware of the cost savings that are available to them.

I would like to offer you the same free service to audit your expenditures for copying, printing, and faxing, and give you a report of your true costs.  The report is yours to keep, with no obligation so you can use this information to plan your future strategy whether that is in the near future or further down the road.

If you’re not quite ready to meet and would like to perform a document cost analysis yourself just call or email me for a free copy of our Document Cost Analysis Worksheet. This worksheet will guide you through the process of evaluating your document costs and allow you to see where you can find cost savings and increased profits for your practice.




Save Your Organization Big Time and Big Money

August 13, 2012 Leave a comment

In this tough economy everyone is trying to find ways to save their business time and money.

If you haven’t heard of Managed Print Services it is something you really should take a look at. Organizations are literally saving thousands of dollars per year with Managed Print Services or MPS as it is also known.

If your business is located in the Baltimore, Maryland or Washington DC area and would like to know more, click the link below and then call or email me with you questions. or 443-570-0414 We offer a NO PRESSURE, NO OBLIGATION assessment of your current situation to see how much we can save you

Managed Print Services Can Drive Profitability

If you haven’t heard the term Managed Print Services you will soon be hearing it a lot more. Managed Print Services are a fantastic way to save your business time and money.

Below I have re-posted a recent article about Manged Print Services written by Bill Melo. Mr. Melo is the Vice President of Marketing, Services and Solutions for Toshiba.

I think this gives a great overview of what MPS is and what the benefits are to your business.

If you would like to explore the possibility of utilizing Managed Print Services to save your business time and money please feel free to call or email me.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

You can reach me at 443-570-0414 0r


With an uncertain economy, businesses need to evaluate and streamline operations wherever they can. If you can save a buck without hindering productivity, that’s the first place you will target. A great place to look for savings is in printing.

Many businesses do not know how much they spend on printing. Odds are they are spending more than they think. If you ask a CFO about her payroll costs, she could tell you off the top of her head. But printing is one of those costs that is buried somewhere under IT, operations or office supplies.

As with any cost, you can’t control what you don’t measure. The first step in managing your printing is doing an assessment to analyze how and what you print. This is the first step to Managed Print Services (MPS). You want to measure existing output volumes, types of printing, paper sizes, and peak printing times. You need to understand the business processes that create printouts and how you use them.

Once you measure the existing environment, you can discuss future needs. You can develop recommendations for streamlining existing business processes that will ultimately reduce time and cost. Some recommendations may be simple, like print double-sided by default. That can save up to 50% of your paper use. You might need to consolidate printers, replace older models with newer ones or change the mix of laser printers and MFPs. By putting everything under a predictable monthly payment, you can treat printing like electricity. You pay for what you use.

MPS can help you save money, save energy and improve productivity since the latest printers will be quicker and may be more appropriate to your businesses requirements. Given the improved functionality of newer printers, you may decide to bring certain tasks in-house, saving on outsourcing fees.

The goal is to make your printing predictable and efficient. Start by assessing your current print environment, decide how to streamline things, make the necessary changes and watch your costs drop and your productivity rise.

By Bill Melo-Vice President, Marketing, Services and Solutions-Toshiba

If you have questions about Managed Print Services or would like to see if your company could save money with Managed Print Services contact me, Ed Worthington at 443-570-0414 or

Copier Troubleshooting Guide

For those of you who work with copiers everyday issues like jamming, lines on the paper, ect can be very frustrating. Check out this Copier Troubleshooting Guide. It was put together by a trainer in our office here in Baltimore, Maryland. She has lots of experience and knows what she is talking about.

Copier Troubleshooting Guide